04 Logos CompaniesuSquare is a responsive squared grid that can display your content in a unique and interesting way.

You can use it for displaying team members, products, services, designs, blog posts or anything else that comes to your mind.


  • Responsive design
  • Fully customizable
  • Scrollable content
  • Easing effects included
  • Intuitive design
  • Fully flexible
  • Custom width and height of items
  • Custom colors and backgrounds
  • Custom fonts
  • Custom social icons
  • You can add unlimited number of items...


Install like any other Joomla Component.


Navigate to Components --> uSquare Grid

Confuguring Item / Adding New one

com usquare grid new

Click on the Title column link in order to edit desired item or click on the New button (upper right) to add new item to uSquare Grid.

Global uSquare Grid Configuration

Navigate to Components --> uSquare Grid and click on Config button

com usquare grid config

Component screenshots:


02 Our Team

03 Our Team Expanded

04 Logos Companies

05 Logos Companies Expanded


Joomla 2.5 +, jQuery 1.7 +


Online Demo - uSquare Grid v1.1

uSquare Grid v1.1 - Unlimited domain license (One Domain Support) - 15 eur

uSquare Grid v1.2 - Unlimited domain license (Unlimited Domains Support) - 50 eur

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